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Tell Congress #DontCutOurCare

"[Medicaid] allows me to afford medications that have allowed me to go back to work after panic attacks and self-injury kept me down for a long time," Marc M.

The House passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in early May. The Senate is now drafting its own version of the bill and they are considering permanent changes to Medicaid, like per capita caps.

Per capita caps (a fixed amount of federal funding per person) may sound reasonable, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that they would cut $834 billion dollars from Medicaid funding over 10 years.

This would force states to slash mental health services and reduce eligibility for Medicaid, leaving an estimated 14 million fewer people covered by 2026.

Today, Medicaid is the only source of insurance coverage for millions of Americans with mental illness. Whether it's called Medi-Cal (California), HealthWave (Kansas), MassHealth (Massachusetts) or SoonerCare (Oklahoma) in your state, Medicaid provides a lifeline for people with mental health conditions to lead full lives. 

We need your help to tell your Senators to say:

  • NO cuts to Medicaid, a critical source of mental health services, especially for people with severe mental illness.

The Senate is also conducting changes to health insurance plans. Tell your Senators that any "fix" to the Affordable Care Act shouldn't be at the expense of people with mental health conditions. Tell your Senators:

  • NO allowing plans to drop coverage of mental health and substance use.
  • NO Charging people higher premiums if they have a pre-existing condition, like depression or anxiety.
  • No yearly and lifetime limits on mental health coverage.

Tell your Senators #DontCutOurCare.




Tom Rubin