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The Senate Is Betraying The Promise Of Better Mental Health Care.

One in five Americans are affected by mental illness and more than 50% do not receive treatment. We need more coverage for mental health care, not less.


The Senate health reform bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA), will take us backwards.


The BCRA will allow states to let health insurance plans drop mental health and substance use coverage. It is outrageous to even suggest that mental health coverage is optional.


The Senate bill will also devastate community mental health programs by cutting Medicaid funding, making it harder for people to get psychiatric medications, case management and mental health services.


It will result in less mental health care and shift people with mental illnesses into already-strained emergency rooms, hospitals and jails.

Help keep the promise of better mental health care alive. Tell your Senators: Vote NO on the BCRA.

Matt Husar