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Urge Congress To Let Millions Keep Their Health Insurance  

Congress is acting quickly to overhaul the U.S. tax code with sweeping tax reform legislation. Mental Health America needs your help now to stop the newest version of the bill in its tracks as long as it contains a repeal of the individual mandate.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1) passed the House of Representatives and the Senate Finance Committee last week. And now that the bill has momentum, Senators added a health proposal for which the President already signaled approval: elimination of the Affordable Care Act individual mandate. The idea to eliminate the individual mandate was brought into the tax reform conversation because Congress needs some way - any way - to offset billions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations and wealthy Americans.

While Congress is in their home states and districts this Thanksgiving recess, you can:




§  and SEND an email letting Congress know you’re against eliminating the individual mandate to pay for tax cuts.

The individual mandate - which requires people who choose not to carry health insurance to make a payment to the government to help cover the cost of health care subsidies - has helped lower health care premiums for everyone. Its repeal would not only increase premiums, it could cause an estimated 13 million people to become uninsured as a result. Studies have shown that uninsured people are less likely to seek treatment and more likely to wait until crisis or Stage 4 to finally get care.

Advocates like you – and us at Mental Health America – are fighting to ensure more people are insured and have access to care for mental health and substance use conditions Before Stage 4 #B4Stage4.

Take action now to help continue this fight!

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